Diggy Simmons - Shook Ones

They say hip hop was gone, than everybody mourned
Imma pick it up where it left off and re-spawn
it's like being reborn, eat the crack or drink wine
for those that can't see it, I give sight to the blind
call it audio abuse I attack it each time

thats why a lot of these rappers on a rapid decline
I'm on my Master P grind no time to be a Romeo
I love the ladies but success is a lonely road
as I hold, I'm what half of y'all ain't

Y'all got Micky D pockets and Caviar tastes
does it matter, y'all tatted on half of y'all face
to appear to look real when half of y'all fake
faker than a 1000 dollar bills with Obama face on it
you rappers dont want it, I'm on it

my competition gon' get shut down like the Source
this is entrepreneur music, I'm a young boss
all I do is floss all the way across the nation

not only in New York but wherever I'm vacating
never really taken days off, paper chasing

shows stay packed and venues is never vacant
lyrically I'm a menace, call me old dog

put all of these rappers careers in the morgue
ha,ha,ha,ha, I'm just so appalled at the way these n-ggas rapping
now I know I can crush em all

I'm a young icon in the making, destined for greatness
now watch these rappers start hating
when I'm around nobody matter,

man, I'm there mother, there girl and there daughters favorite rapper
make way for the youth, I got the veterans sayin' man
diggy looking like he the truth

yeah I'm motion picture, my life is a movie, I do this
for New York City, Queens Salute me

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